Final Reflection


Video Reflection

A reflection of what I have learned in ECMP 355!


Tech Task 5A, Finding Truths


Wow, after reading the article: Why Twitter and Facebook Are Not Good Instructional Tools  ; my head is in the clouds!  As I was reading the initial article I found myself agreeing with Paul Barnwell that maybe a lot of these tech ideas are gimmicks to get the students attention and don’t promote critical thinking.  He discussed how technology can be more of a distraction vs learning.  BUT then reading the comments I am saying to myself: ” Am I that big of a push over that I will believe everything I read?”  Just like the Coffee: good or bad article  people can spin information anyway they want to.  If it sound good people may believe it.

I’m glad I didn’t just read the article, because I got a lot more out of the comments then the article itself!  I appreciated how Sr_Geralyn discussed how as a teacher we have to bring balance into technology and teach the students self control (“like a healthy diet”).  Coolcatteacher had some powerful thoughts, that technology can be a form of higher order thinking, and its a powerful tool.  I liked how he stated that the computer is the modern day paper unlike mind numbing worksheets.

On the comments we were also given the tool of Mr. Barnwell’s blog – what a great site, one I will most certainly follow!  There are so many comments I could make about the comments them selves but the just of what I am getting out of this is:  Look deeper – don’t be satisfied with whats on the surface!  There is more to a story than whats printed.

After reading all comments I am going to have to disagree with Paul Barnwell.  If technology is used in the proper maner it can be a powerful learning tool for the students.  Quoting Will Richardson, we have to help the students and ourselves learn through exploration.  We have to be their connection!  Like Teachcmb56 states we will be digital tourists in an undiscovered country!

Tech Task 4 – Results of my Survey

I did a quick survey in regards to google docs.  I was looking for:

1. If people used google docs.

2. If they have used google docs with a group.

3. If they would use google docs for their next assignment.

The results are: (drum roll)

100% surveyed have used google docs.

100% surveyed have used it with a group.

The last answer I found interesting,  75% surveyed would only use google docs for their next assignment if they were working in a group. 25% (I’m guessing from our class) said they would use google docs for their next assignment.

What I’ve learned:  Knowledge is Power!!  I wouldn’t have used google docs for an individual assignment before this class either.  I asked my cohorts at University to complete this survey who many of them arn’t in ECMP 355, and have not been introduced to everything google has to offer.  But now I would most certainly use Google Docs for all my assignment!

Tech Task #4b Hidden Google

Wow, is my knowledge soaring today!!  lol  I have spent most of the morning playing, and not with my kids!  Google has so much to offer that I never realized before I listened to Michel’s presentation.  I had to type something up the other day and I decided I would do it on Google docs just so I could access it from anywhere!  Love that!  The only thing about google docs that I didn’t love was the spell check – unless I’m doing it wrong.  I don’t like how you have to click on each word, kind of the same with this blog.

The research tool is amazing, when I was typing in google docs I would just click on a word and it would take me right into a search engine regarding that word, very cool!

I’m a little behind on making my survey, but its done and I really enjoyed learning how to do it.  This is something I’m glad we had to do and I will most certainly do it again!

Micheal talked about the live data forms on google spread sheet – I think that would be very useful with the students to see if they grasped the concept you were teaching, I would love to try this!

Google groups is another ‘must try’ when I am in the classroom.  What a great and easy way to send out information.

I had fun with the ‘Test Tube’ as well.  Video editor is one that really interested me.

Other applications that I will continue to work with are: google news, google play and calendar.